Facilities support


Key Contact:

Ken Short Team Leader


Phone: +61 9717 3459

Email: kts@ansto.gov.au




The facilities group enable research synergies between the research programmes, ensure consistent application of safety and regulatory compliance and ensure efficiencies and effectiveness. 
From a governance perspective, the facilities support group ensures that there is separation between staff responsible for scientific outcomes and those responsible for the safe and secure operation of these facilities.


The facilities support staff work closely with research staff to manage a wide range of materials processing, preparation, testing and characterisation facilities, for both inactive and radioactive materials.


Researchers and scientists within ANSTO's materials engineering research infrastructure work closely with and shares many materials processing facilities with synrocANSTO, as well as providing support to other areas of ANSTO given our unique capabilities.



Materials Processing

We have a variety of materials processing laboratories and equipment, primarily for the fabrication of powders and solids of oxide-ceramic and cer-met materials, both in thin-film and bulk forms.


  • Powder handling, processing
  • Heat treatment, sintering & annealing
  • Wet chemistry, sol-gel, thin-film deposition
  • Hot and Cold Iso-Static Pressing
  • Radioactive doped materials, handling and processing



Materials Preparation

A dedicated group for the preparation of materials for testing and characterisation provide services for SynrocANSTO and across ANSTO.


  • Sample mounting & polishing, metallography
  • Electron Microscopy sample thinning & polishing
  • Radioactive material inspection and handling



Materials Testing

We have a wide range of macro and micro scale mechanical testing and radiation measurement capabilities for the evaluation of material properties, property changes and performance.


  • Tensile testing
  • Creep & creep fatigue testing
  • Hardness, nano-indentation
  • Radiation measurement and metrology laboratories



Materials Characterisation

An extensive array of microscopic, analytical tools are available for the characterisation and evaluation of materials.


  • Electron Microscopy SEM & TEM
  • Optical Microscopy & Spectroscopy of powders and bulk materials
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Surface properties, AFM, profilometry & ellipsometry
  • Thermo-physical analysis & particle size analysis
  • Radiation forensic analysis