Materials Engineering projects



The ANSTO-SINAP Joint Research Centre provides material performance assessments and further conducts independent research on the behaviour of nuclear materials exposed to molten salt at high temperature and in a high radiation field. Learn more.


Nuclear materials modelling& characterisation

The group examines materials before, during and after radiation damage processes using a range of experimental and atomistic modelling techniques.


This provides fundamental information for the development of new materials for advanced energy applications. Learn more.

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Structural integrity

The research is also applicable to high technology engineering applications such as the aerospace industry.

The extreme environments considered include high temperature, high radiation and high stress. Learn more.

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Nuclear materials science

The development of nuclear materials is focused on activities which can deliver benefits towards future environmentally sustainable energy production and to the application of our expertise in other areas to support Australian industry and its  environmental challenges.


Research conducted within this research programme fall into three areas Learn more.

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National security research

Recent research with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in nuclear forensics has investigated the effects of ionising radiation on traditional forms of evidence.


Forensic validation of such techniques in the presence of ionising radiation will contribute to the successful prosecution of criminal cases involving radiological or nuclear terrorism. Learn more.


Facilities Support

From a governance perspective, the facilities support group ensures that there is separation between staff responsible for scientific outcomes and those responsible for the safe and secure operation of IME facilities. Learn more. Facilities Support homepage image1