Our People


Head of Institute: Dr Marie-Claude Gregoire  


Deputy Head of Institute: Dr Tracey Hanley








Richard Banati - Head of Bio-analytics



Bio-analytics: Biology

Guo Jun Liu – Biology Task Leader


Geetanjali Dhand - Laboratory Assistant

Nick Howell - Cell Biologist

Ryan Middleton - Molecular Biologist

Rachael Shepherd - Cell Biologist




Marie-Claude Gregoire - Head of Imaging

Imaging: Physiopathological Exploration


Paul Callaghan - Imaging Neuro-physiologist

An Nguyen – In vitro Molecular Imaging Professional Officer

Arvind Parmar - Imaging Physiologist

Gita Rahardjo - Imaging Biologist

Imaging: Radioligand Characterisation


Andrew Arthur - Imaging Support Technical Officer

Kerryne Belbin - Laboratory Technician

Vu Nguyen - Radiopharmacology Interface/Radiotracer Evaluation Co-ordinator

Imaging: Quantification

 - Quantification Task Leader


Hasar Hamze - Imaging Technologist

David Zahra - Imaging Physicist


Radiation Technology

Justin Davies – Radiation Technology Task Leader


Connie Banos - Radiation Technologist

Allan Perry - Technical Officer

Sohil Sheth - Technical Officer


Radiochemistry Research


Ivan Greguric - Head of Radiochemistry Research


Radiochemistry: Camperdown

Giancarlo Pascali – Radiochemistry Task Leader, Camperdown


Lidia Matesic - Radiochemist

Gary Perkins - Radiochemistry Development

Rajeev Sheth - QA / QC Officer

Andrew Winthorpe - GMP Project manager


Radiochemistry: Lucas Heights

Tien Pham - Radiopharmaceutical Research Task Leader


Cathy Jiang - Analytical Chemist and QA / QC Officer

Maxine Roberts - Radiochemist

Naomi Wyatt - Radiochemist and Instrumentation Officer


Radiochemistry: Synthetic Chemistry

Benjamin Fraser - Organic chemistry task leader


Mark Ashford - Organic Chemist and Quality Documentation Officer

Leena Hogan - Organic Chemist / Instrument Officer

Alex Fuchs - Organic Chemist

Iveta Kurlapski - Laboratory Technical Officer

Nigel Lengkeek - Radiometals theme leader; Organic chemist

Paul Pellegrini - Radiochemist


Cyclotron Operations


Rod Manning - Cyclotron Operations Manager


Liam Fitzgerald - Facility Maintenance

Nick Paneras - Cyclotron Operator

Edward Wan - Operations Officer


Scientific and Technical support staff - Lucas Heights


Sergio Cruz - Laboratory Assistant

Michael Izard - Laboratory Automation


Administration Support Staff


Gillian Blackburn - Research Management Officer

Jenna Ffrost - Administration Support

Heather Patterson - International Education Projects