Partnerships for Solid Targetry


The Austin Health/Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Victoria, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia and ANSTO have developed a collaborative arrangement to provide Australian researchers access to locally produced Positron Emission Tomography (PET) isotopes.


The collaboration aims at providing radio-isotopes specifically produced by 18MeV cyclotrons equipped with solid targetry for medical research and clinical applications to the benefit of Australians. Initially Copper-64 (Cu-64); Zirconium-89 (Zr-89) and Iodine-124 (I-124) will be produced, with Yttrium-86 (Y-86) to follow.


Access to these isotopes is through a collaborative projects management tool which will ensure availability for research is on a scientific, merit selection basis, through a fair and transparent process. 


Choosing the right form

If you have limited knowledge of the field of radio-pharmaceuticals application we suggest you begin with an EOI. EOIs are considered by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) who will appoint a researcher (Champion) to help you in drafting a detailed project proposal. The researcher can be a member from any of the collaborating institutions.


The SRC, which is composed of 2 members from each collaborating institution plus one independent advisor, will review the portfolio of project proposals and will select the projects to be supplied with radio-isotopes based on the following evaluation criteria:
i. Scientific merit
ii. Impact area, expected outcomes and benefits for the community
iii. Resources allocation
iv. Feasibility
The SRC may request the input of experts to assess any particular aspect of a project proposal.

Project management process

On approval of the project, the SRC will require the nomination a project coordinator by the project CI. The project coordinator is responsible for the deliverables and timelines agreed to with the SRC, providing quarterly progress reports, and providing a project close out report which include outputs and outcomes from the project.