Radiation Technology 


The Radiation Technology group operates 60Co irradiators for small scale irradiation studies to various doses.


Our unique capabilities enable us to accurately deliver high doses of radiation with a precision not achievable in industrial-scale irradiators.


Controlled dose rates and temperatures allow users to test ideas, develop applications and perform irradiations under non-standard conditions.


Our teams welcome collaborations in food biosecurity, agriculture, horticulture, radiobiology, radiotherapy dosimetry, material radiation hardness studies, polymer science, immunology, medical sciences and biotechnologies.


Dr Justin Davies leads the Radiation Technology group.

External radiation capabilities


Food security


  • Sterile insect technique for pest management studies more
    Contact scientist: Connie Banos
  • Induction of plant mutations through seed and plant cutting irradiation for plant science
    Contact scientist: Connie Banos
  • Irradiation for food safety including preservation and quarantine studies
    Contact Scientists: Justin Davies, Connie Banos





Materials development


  • Polymer cross-linking, carbon nanotubes, fibre optics, accelerated radiation degradation
    Contact scientists: Justin Davies, Connie Banos