Radio-halogen and -carbon Probes


Our radio-halogen and –carbon probe research involves the use of 11C, 18F and radioiodine (123I, 124I, 125I and 131I) isotopes for radiolabelling compounds and biological reagents.


The group engages with applied research, radiosynthesis of radiopharmaceuticals and fundamental research programs:


  • Development of new radiosynthons,
  • Reagents, and
  • Radiolabelling methodologies using macro and microfluidic modules.


Predominantly diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals are developed within this theme.


Dr Ivan Greguric leads our radiochemistry research, supported by Dr Tien Pham and Dr Giancarlo Pascali, Radiochemistry task leaders, and Dr Ben Fraser, Organic Chemistry task leader.

Radio-halogen and –carbon probe capabilities


  • Synthesis of 18F, 11C, radio-iodine radiotracer cold standards and labelling precursors
    Contact scientists: Ben Fraser, Tien PhamGiancarlo Pascali
  • Radiometabolite analysis - radioHPLC, radioTLC methods, and solid phase extraction methods
    Contact scientists: Tien Pham, Maxine Roberts, Naomi Wyatt
  • Radiopharmaceuticals - synthesis of small compound libraries for in vitro and in vivo evaluation as new radiopharmaceuticals
    Contact scientists: Ben Fraser, Nigel Lengkeek