Our capabilities


ANSTO's human health research infrastructure is a versatile and distributed nuclear technology network of platforms operating in dynamic partnerships. Our capabilities are:



Bioanalytical techniques can be used to monitor occupational and environmental exposure to chemicals by determining concentrations in biofluids, food or environmental samples. They can also be used in forensic toxicology, and in therapeutic drug monitoring.

Investigations with imaging

Our investigations use non-invasive in vivo imaging techniques in conjunction with functional radioactive molecules. Measuring these probes with our scanners allows us to understand disease initiation & progression pathways in animal models, validate diagnostic tools and therapy strategies, and follow-up recovery processes.

Radiation Technology

The Radiation Technology group operates 60Co irradiators for small scale irradiation studies to various doses.Our unique capabilities enable us to accurately deliver high doses of radiation with a precision not achievable in industrial scale irradiators.

Radio-halogen and -carbon probes

Our radio-halogen and –carbon probe research involves the use of 11C, 18F and radioiodine (123I, 124I, 125I and 131I) isotopes for radiolabelling compounds and biological reagents. 

Radio-metal probes

Our fundamental research involves exploration of new 'exotic' radio-metals and developing the next generation of ligands for radio-metal complexation to be used in diagnosis and therapeutic applications.