Our research


ANSTO's human health research theme covers a number of areas that encompass the impact of the environment on human health and the interactions of radiation with living matter.


Traditionally, the core work undertaken in this area has focused on nuclear medicine and public health and underpinned by two major programmes:



Both of these programmes include multidisciplinary research incorporating our capabilities in Investigations with imaging, Radio-halogen and -carbon Probes, as well as Radio-metal Probes.


The interactions of radiation with living matter theme focuses on a better understanding of radiation effects and adaption processes in living organisms from biomolecules to complex systems. In particular, ANSTO seeks to understand the fundamental mechanisms that drive the adaptive biological response from environmental to medical radiation dose rates.

The research work within these programmes focus on R & D of new methods to increase the scientific impact of our research capabilities and their synergies with other ANSTO capabilities. Once validated, these new methods and tools are brought into collaborative research projects applying our multidisciplinary resources to help answer our collaborators questions.