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ANSTO possesses molecules, software and radioisotopes available to research groups and commercial entities:



Radiotracer catalogue


ANSTO has a range of characterised radiotracers some of which may be suitable for commercial development or use. Collaborative researchers may access our full range of radiotracers.


Contact: Dr Vu Nguyen or Dr Tien Pham




PET-SORTEO is a Monte Carlo-based simulation tool that is able to generate realistic PET data in accordance with the numerical phantom description, as well as with the scanner geometry and physical characteristics. The software takes into account most of the phenomena that alter the final image quality.


It has been thoroughly validated and used for the geometry of the Siemens Inveon preclinical scanner [1], the Siemens R4 and Focus220 scanners [3], and for the geometry of the Ecat Exact+ scanners [4, 5]. A full description of the simulation model and their related parameters is given in the validation papers [1-5]. PET-SORTEO has been used in numerous studies, particularly for the validation or performance assessment of PET data correction/reconstruction and data processing methods [6-19].




Please contact Marie-Claude Gregoire for further information and to discuss any projects that could use this tool.





ANSTO also has a number of research isotopes available:


Isotope Availability Produced at
18F, 11C Daily Camperdown
125I, 123I, 177Lu, 68Ga, 99mTc Weekly Lucas Heights
64Cu, 89Zr, 124I Monthly Perth, Melbourne*






* please confirm availability with your ANSTO LifeSciences contact


Contact: please discuss your requirements with the relevant ANSTO LifeSciences contact and use the LifeSciences portal to record your interest.