Analytical Chemistry

The analytical chemistry team provides a range of high quality analytical services for both research and commercial projects.
Dionex DX600 with EG40 Eluent Generator and conductivity detector. This instrument can analyse anions and cations to sub part per million levels.IER eluent generator and conductivity detector

Vista Simulataneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Varian AES is an axially viewed instrument with purged echelle polychromator and VistaChip image-mapped Charged Coupled Device (CCD) detector for trace elements to parts per billion.IER Varian ICP-AES

Varian 820- MS.IER Varian_Mass_Spectrometer

The Aglient HP4500 Inuctively Coupled Plasa- Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is capable of measuring isotope ratios and trace elements down to part per trillion.IER ICP-MS instrument

Ethos 1 laboratory microwave digester with pressure and temperature control sysem. Sample digestion is performed using a acids under temperature controlled conditions.IER Ethos microwave digester

The analytical chemistry team sits within ANSTO's Institute for the Environment (IER) and  supports various studies such as trace metal analysis in aquatic environments, and measurement of pollutant transport in groundwater.
The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated instrumentation such as: quadrupole inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometer (ICPMS), a simultaneous inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (ICPAES), Anion and Cation chromatographs (IC) and isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS). 
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