Prof John Dodson

Head of Institute
Institute for Environmental Research (IER)
Phone - +61 2 9717 9216
John Dodson

Staff Profile

Role at ANSTO

John is the Head of the Institute for Environmental Research at ANSTO. John previously worked overseas in the UK for Brunel University as Professor and Head, Institute for Environment.




Palynology, charcoal analysis, radiocarbon, stable isotopes and biomarkers, as applied to climate change, and human impact on environmental systems, particularly vegetation systems

Career Highlights & Achievements


  •  Have been Head of University Departments in Sydney (UNSW), Perth (UWA) and London (Brunel)
  • Research projects in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Micronesia, China and UK
  • Have served on National Committees for Australian Academy of Science, International Geosphere Biosphere Program (PAST Global Changes) and currently Chair of the International Year of Planet Earth for Society (Climate Change Group) for UNESCO
  • Serve on Editorial Boards of Quaternary Research, The Holocene, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
  • Publication of more than 100 refereed research articles in international journals and several books
  • Ph.D. in Vegetation History, Australian National University

Selected Publications

John Dodson, Ian Eliot, Matthew Eliot, Catherine, James Goff (2014) Wrack line signatures of high-magnitude water-level events on the northwest Australian coast. Marine Geology 355, 310-317.


John Dodson, Xiaoqiang Li, Nan Sun, Pia Atahan, Xinying Zhou, Hanbin Liu, Keliang Zhao, Songmei Hu and Zemeng Yang. Use of coal in Bronze Age In China, The Holocene Vol. 24 (5) 525-530 (2014)


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