Prof Garry McIntyre

Research Leader- Hard condensed matter
Bragg Institute
Phone - +61 2 9717 9334

Staff Profile

Role at ANSTO


Dr Garry McIntyre's primary responsibilities are to provide scientific and strategic leadership to the Bragg Institute scientists who conduct research in hard condensed matter using neutron scattering at the OPAL reactor, to expand the OPAL user community, and to conduct research and instrumental development in areas that meet ANSTO's strategic goals.


Garry's expertise includes neutron scattering techniques, especially single-crystal diffractometry and polarized-neutron techniques, diffraction physics, charge and spin density in molecular compounds, and structural chemistry.


Garry received his Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in the fields of X-ray diffractometry and mathematical crystallography. After post-doctoral positions in Uppsala and Edinburgh, he joined the diffraction group at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble where, over a 28-year period, he has been instrument responsible for several of the single-crystal diffractometers, D8, D9, D10 and VIVALDI, and local scientific expert in experiments in all areas of neutron diffraction. Garry became an ILL Senior Fellow in 2005, has held a Visiting Professorship in Chemistry at the University of Durham since 2006, and became the first head of the ILL Graduate School in 2008. He moved to the Bragg Institute as Research Leader in Hard Condensed Matter in October 2010.


Qualifications, achievements and affiliations


  • Head of the ILL Graduate School (2008 - 2010)
  • Visiting Professor in Chemistry at the University of Durham, UK (since 2006)
  • Local supervisor at the ILL of 11 Ph.D. students since 1986: Peter Louca (Bristol), Mark Nutley (Warwick), Jacqueline Cole (Durham), Julian Barratt (Oxford), John Cowan (Durham), Javier Luzòn(Zaragoza), Clara Gonzàlez-Rodriquez (Zaragoza), Elinor Spencer (Durham), Jan Prokleska (Prague), Andrew Jones (Glasgow/Bath), Marc Sigrist (Copenhagen)
  • Member of the project team for construction of the CCD-based Laue diffractometer, CYCLOPS, at the ILL
  • Project leader for construction of the Very-Intense Vertical-Axis Laue DIffractometer, VIVALDI, at the ILL
  • Member of the Neutron DiffractionCommission of the International Union of Crystallography (since 2011)
  • Member of the Crystallographic Apparatus Commission of the International Union of Crystallography (1993 - 1996)
  • Ph.D. in Physics, University of Melbourne (1978) (Dixon Research Prize, Kernot Research Prize)

Selected Publications

"A single-crystal neutron diffraction study of hambergite, Be2BO3(OH,F)", G.D. Gatta, G.J. McIntyre, G. Bromiley, A. Guastoni and F.T. Nestola, Am. Mineral. 97 (2012) 1891-1897. (from KOALA)


"Molecular heterometallic hydride clusters composed of rare-earth and d-transition metals", T. Shima, Y. Luo, T. Stewart, R. Bau, G.J. McIntyre, S.A. Mason and Z. Hou, Nature Chemistry 3 (2011) 814-820.


"CYCLOPS a reciprocal-space explorer based on CCD neutron detectors", B. Ouladdiaf, J. Archer, J.R. Allibon, P. Decarpentrie, M.-H. Lem e-Cailleau, J. Rodr guez-Carvajal, A.W. Hewat, S. York, D. Brau and G.J. McIntyre, J. Appl. Cryst. 44 (2011) 392-397.


"Spin density studies on p-O2NC6F4CNSSN: A heavy p-block organic ferromagnet", J. Luz n, J. Campo, F. Palacio, G.J. McIntyre, J.M. Rawson, R.J. Less, C.M. Pask, A. Alberola, R.D. Farley, D.M. Murphy and A.E. Goeta, Phys. Rev. B. 81 (2010) 144429(12).


"Characterisation of image plates for neutron diffraction", C. Wilkinson, M.S Lehmann, F. Meilleur, M.P. Blakeley, D.A.A. Myles, S. Vogelmeier, M. Thoms, M. Walsh and G.J. McIntyre, J. Appl. Cryst. 42 (2009) 749-757.


"Hidden degrees of freedom in aperiodic materials", B. Toudic, P. Garcia, C. Odin, P. Rabiller, C. Ecolivet, E. Collet, P. Bourges, G.J. McIntyre , M.D. Hollingsworth and T. Breczewski, Science 319 (2008) 69-71.


"Perpendicular antiferromagnetic ordering of Mn and exchange anisotropy in Fe/Mn multilayers", S.J. Lee, J.P. Goff, G.J. McIntyre, R.C.C. Ward, S. Langridge, T. Charlton, R. Dalgliesh and D. Mannix, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 (2007) 037204.


"Determination of the hydrogen absorption sites in ZnO4 (1,4-benzenedicarboxylate) by single crystal neutron diffraction", E.C. Spencer, J.A.K. Howard, G.J. McIntyre, J.L.C. Rowsell and O.M. Yaghi, Chem. Comm. (2006) 278-280.


"High-speed neutron Laue diffraction comes of age", G.J. McIntyre, M.-H. Lem e-Cailleau and C. Wilkinson, Physica B 385-386 (2006) 1055-1058.


"One picture says it all - high-pressure cells for neutron Laue diffraction on VIVALDI", G.J. McIntyre, L. M l si, M. Guthrie, C.A. Tulk, J. Xu and J.B. Parise, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 17 (2005) S3017-S3024.


"Re-entrant behaviour of the charge and orbital ordering and ferromagnetism in LaSr2Mn2O7", T. Chatterji, G.J. McIntyre, W. Caliebe, R. Suryanarayanan, G. Dhalenne and A. Revcolevschi, Phys. Rev. B 61 (2000) 570-574.


"Position-sensitive detectors in single-crystal diffractometry", G.J. McIntyre, Neutron News 3(2) (1992) 15-19.


"The magnetic structure of holmium in an easy-axis magnetic field", D.A. Jehan, D.F. McMorrow, R.A. Cowley and G.J. McIntyre, Europhysics Letters 17 (1992) 553-558.


"Bonding-deformation and superposition effects in the electron density of tetragonal nickel sulphate hexadeuterate NiSO4.6D2O", G.J. McIntyre, H. Ptasiewicz-Bak and I. Olovsson, Acta Cryst. B 46 (1990) 27-39.


"Domain and crystal structure of superconducting Ba2YCu3O8-d at 40 and 100K by single-crystal neutron diffraction", G.J. McIntyre, A. Renault and G. Collin, Phys. Rev. B 37 (1988) 5148-5157.


"A general Lorentz correction for single-crystal diffractometers", G.J. McIntyre and R.F.D. Stansfield, Acta Cryst. A 44 (1988) 257-262.


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"The geometry of X-ray diffraction from extended-face single crystals", G.J. McIntyre, Acta Cryst. A 37 (1981) 105-119.