Dr Anthonin Reilhac-Laborde

Imaging Quantification Task Leader
ANSTO Life Sciences
Phone - +61 2 9717 3246

Staff Profile


Role at ANSTO

Anthonin’s primary role at ANSTO LifeSciences is leading the group that concentrates on providing the best quantification tools and methods related to PET, SPECT and CT pre-clinical imaging.


His group develops, assesses, validates and optimizes standard and novel processing methods for PET/SPECT/CT data. The goals are improving the activity level quantification, and the kinetic parameter determination using PVE correction, noise elimination, spatial registration, and data extraction approaches. Simulated data is crucial in this research and Anthonin focusses on maintaining and improving a Monte Carlo-based PET simulation tool which he developed during his PhD research.



During his PhD studies, carried out at the McConnell Brain Imaging centre (Montreal, Canada) and at the CERMEP (Lyon, France), Anthonin developed a Monte Carlo-based PET simulator. This research provided him with advanced training and expertise in basic PET physics, instrumentation and data processing. Starting in 2004, Anthonin became a research engineer in a PET unit of the CNRS in France (French Governmental Research). Anthonin joined Biospective Inc. (Montreal, Canada) in 2009 as PET Research Scientist. In 2011, he joined ANSTO LifeSciences.


Research interests and areas of expertise

(i) Automated analysis of biological images,
(ii) Multi-modal image processing and analysis,
(iii) Structural brain mapping methodology,
(iv) Physics and instrumentation in PET and microPET,
(v) PET system modelling using Monte Carlo simulation,
(vi) Advanced correction, reconstruction and kinetic parameter estimation algorithms for PET imaging.


Qualifications & achievements


  • PhD in Physics and Signal Processing, Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, University of Lyon, France (2007)
  • Engineer degree in Physics, University of Dijon, France (1998)
  • Master’s degree in image and signal processing, University of Dijon (1998)




Selected Publications

Lehnert, W., Gregoire, M. C., Reilhac, A., Meikle, S. R. Characterisation of partial volume effect and region-based correction in small animal positron emission tomography (pet) of the rat brain. Neuroimage, (2012)

Rominger, A., Cumming, P., Xiong, G., Koller, G., Bning, G., Wulff, M.,; Zwergal, A., Frster, S., Reilhac, A., Munk, O., Soyka, M., Wngler, B., Bartenstein, P., la Fougre, C., Pogarell, O. [(18) f]fallypride pet measurement of striatal and extrastriatal dopamine d(2/3) receptor availability in recently abstinent alcoholics. Addiction Biology, 17(2), 490-503. (2012)

Vunckx, K., Atre, A., Baete, K., Reilhac, A., Deroose, C. M., Van Laere, K., Nuyts, J. Evaluation of three MRI-based anatomical priors for quantitative PET brain imaging. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 31(3), 599-612. (2012)

Ko, J. H., Reilhac, A., Ray, N., Rusjan, P., Bloomfield, P., Pellecchia, G., Houle, S., Strafella, A. P. Analysis of variance in neuroreceptor ligand imaging studies. PLoS One, 6(8), 23298. (2011)

Lehnert, W., Gregoire, M-C., Reilhac, A., Meikle, S. R. Analytical positron range modelling in heterogeneous media for PET Monte Carlo simulation. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 56, 3313-35. (2011)