Research Hub 

ANSTO scientists investigate areas as diverse as materials, life sciences, climate change, mining and engineering. 

ANSTO's research capabilities, enabled by the OPAL nuclear research reactor and associated technology, include accelerator-based and X-ray instruments and radiopharmaceutical laboratories. While these can be accessed through peer-reviewed, collaborative and commercial arrangements, ANSTO can also assist potential users by identifying nuclear-based techniques that meet their research needs.

Strong international collaborations with overseas counterparts and nuclear-focused multinational organisations helps leverage Australia’s nuclear research capabilities, ensuring best practice, cutting-edge research and effective knowledge sharing.



Research Centres


Environmental Research
Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering
Human Health

 The Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Centre


Facilities and user access


Collaboration and user access
ANSTO user office
Facilities and instruments
Business services and contacts
Major Research Facilities Program (AMRFP) 



University and tertiary access through AINSE

The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) facilitates access to the equipment and technology at Lucas Heights by universities and other tertiary institutions, and provides a focus for cooperation in the nuclear scientific and engineering fields.


The Institute arranges for the training of scientific research workers and the award of scientific research studentships in matters associated with nuclear science and engineering.


Scholarships and awards

ANSTO, in combination with other research and educational institutions, government agencies and other bodies, offers access to a range of scholarships, awards, grants and prizes. Find out more about what is available, including key dates and links to further information.