Education resources

Periodic table of the elements 160

Periodic table of the elements


This periodic table explores key information about the chemical elements. Learn more.

ANSTO electromagnetic spectrum 160

Electromagnetic spectrum


This poster shows how ANSTO utilises different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum for environmental and medical research. Learn more.

Chart of radionuclides 160

Chart of radionuclides

This poster explores information about radioactive decay, fission vs fusion, applications of nuclear science and displays the chart of radionuclides. Learn more

Nuclear science in your life poster image

Nuclear science in your life

This poster explores information about the applications of nuclear science in your life. Learn more.

Antarctic greenhouse gas emissions 160

Antarctica greenhouse gas emissions


This poster shows greenhouse emissions over the last 2000 years in Antarctic ice cores. Learn more.

Compton chart of electromagnetic radiations 160

Chart of electromagnetic radiations


This poster was prepared by Arthur H. Compton over 60 years ago. Learn more.

Brain wave cap 160

Brain cap


This fun DIY project allows you to create your very own brain cap, identifying key parts of the left and right hemispheres. Learn more.

Year 11 Chem poster image

Radioisotope posters


Students collect and interpret information about naturally-occurring and human-made radioisotopes, including their decay equations.  These posters are designed for use with our Year 11 Chemistry tour and excursion workbook. Learn more.