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This sections provides a list of brochures to give you an understanding of ANSTO nuclear science and technology.

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Discover ANSTO e-Book

ANSTO works across health, environmental science and materials research to find solutions to some of the biggest science questions. Learn more about the work ANSTO does in this e-Book.

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Glossary of nuclear terms

This glossary provides definitions for many commonly used terms in nuclear science as well as a list of relevant acronyms and abbreviations. (PDF 1.16 MB)

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National Deuteration Facility

ANSTO's National Deuteration Facility offers the facilities, staff and expertise to produce molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is in the form of deuterium (2H or D). (PDF 4.87MB)

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Nuclear medicine- Answering your questions

Nuclear medicine enables doctors to produce a quick and accurate diagnosis for a wide range of conditions and diseases at any age. (PDF 409 KB)

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Nuclear science and technology benefiting Australians

Everything, from our bodies to the air we breathe, to the floor and walls of our homes, is made up of atoms. It’s not surprising then, that the science that probes the atomic world, nuclear science, is called on by researchers in almost every other scientific field to provide the tools and techniques to support a wide range of studies. (PDF 2 MB)
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Radiation safety services

ANSTO has over 25 years experience in radiation safety management, offering expert advice, services, consultancy and training tailored to the needs of each client.
(PDF 6.37 MB)

Waste brochure

Safely managing Australia's radioactive waste (Brochure)

Nuclear medicine produced by ANSTO has benefited generations of Australians. With benefits come responsibilities, and the by-product of nuclear medicine includes radioactive waste. Australia responsibly manages this waste in both the long and short term. (PDF 790 KB)

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 Using nuclear science to benefit Indigenous Australia 77 x 86

Using nuclear science to benefit Indigenous Australia (Brochure)

Nuclear research at ANSTO.has been used to protect the health of Indigenous Australians, confirm the antiquity of Indigenous Australian settlements and date ancient Indigenous Australian rock art among other projects (PDF 689 KB)

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Water brochure

With Australia being the world's driest inhabited continent and second driest continent after Antarctica, water research is essential for the prosperity of our country. This brochure explains how isotopes are used to research oceans, reefs and rivers. (PDF 962 KB)

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Welding, Joining and Advanced Manufacturing

ANSTO has considerable capabilities in the areas of advanced manufacturing, welding and joining studies. (PDF 568 KB)
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What is radiation? 

Radiation can be described as energy or particles from a source that travel through space or other mediums. (PDF 1.34 MB)