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Factsheet: ANSTO at a glance icon

ANSTO at a glance

ANSTO is one of Australia's largest public research organisations. It manages much of Australia's large science infrastructure, runs businesses, supports industry and provides trusted advice to Government. (PDF 536 KB)

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ANSTOs nuclear security related activities publication thumbnail

ANSTO’s nuclear security related activities

As an Australian Government agency, ANSTO provides policy advice to Government on all matters relating to nuclear science, technology and engineering. It also operates Australia’s only research reactor OPAL and strongly supports Australia’s non-proliferation efforts. (PDF 273 KB)

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Factsheet: AS enviroment benefits icon

Australian Synchrotron - Accelerating environmental benefits

The Australian Synchrotron’s facilities are helping to make Australia’s environment more sustainable for industry.  (PDF 332 KB)

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Factsheet: AS food solutions icon

Australian Synchrotron - Accelerating food solutions

The Australian Synchrotron is being used to develop new wheat varieties to help solve nutritional deficiencies. (PDF 311 KB)

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Factsheet: AS health solutions icon

Australian Synchrotron- Accelerating health benefits

Medical research conducted at the Australian Synchrotron has the potential to save the Australian health care industry millions of dollars every year. (PDF 303 KB)

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Factsheet: AS industry solutions icon

Australian Synchrotron- Accelerating solutions for industry

The Australian Synchrotron is revolutionising Australia’s industrial sector through its highly-advanced imaging and characterisation techniques. (PDF 311 KB)

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ACNS Factsheet thumbnail

Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering

Neutrons are used to see the internal structure of many classes of materials, helping scientists understand why materials have the properties that they do, and helping tailor future new materials, devices and systems. (PDF 221 KB)
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CAS Factsheet thumbnail
Centre for Accelerator Science 
CAS offers a suite of four accelerators and preparation facilities, providing access to cutting edge research techniques based on accelerator mass spectroscopy and ion beam analysis. (PDF 213 KB)
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Factsheet: Collaborating with ANSTO icon
Collaborating with ANSTO
ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and custodian of landmark and national research infrastructure including the OPAL multi-purpose research reactor, ion accelerators, neutron beam instruments and the Australian Synchrotron. (PDF 263 KB)

Isoptope tracing in natural systems publication thumbnail
Isotope Tracing in Natural Systems
ANSTO's isotope tracing in Natural Systems facility is user-focused, providing a range of radioanalytical, isotopic and elemental analytical techniques, measurements and expertise for environmental studies (PDF 158 KB)

NDF Factsheet thumbnail

National Deuteration Facility

Facilities and expertise to produce molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is  deuterium (PDF 280 KB)

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NSW & ACT Factsheet thumbnail

Nuclear science and technology benefiting New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

In New South Wales and the ACT, ANSTO supports the economy by employing more than 1200 people, invests in local businesses and attracts more than 12,000 visitors each year. (PDF 164 KB) 

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NT Factsheet thumbnail

Nuclear science and technology benefiting Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory ANSTO enables innovation for industry by providing scientific and technical support to the uranium mining industry and rare earth projects. (PDF 151 KB)

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QLD Factsheet thumbnail

Nuclear science and technology benefiting Queensland 

In Queensland ANSTO is involved in environmental projects including research at the Great Barrier Reef and enabling innovation at Queensland Rail and Stanwell Power Station. (PDF 181 KB)

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SA Factsheet thumbnail  Nuclear science and technology benefiting South Australia 

In South Australia ANSTO has provided technical advice to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commisison and is working with Flinders University on a study of Indigenous ochre. (PDF 170 KB)

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Sutherland Shire Factsheet  Nuclear science and technology benefiting the Sutherland Shire

For more than 60 years, ANSTO has been part of the Sutherland Shire Community supporting local schools, jobs, businesses and community initiatives and providing employment opportunities. (PDF 173 KB)

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Tasmania factsheet thumbnail  Nuclear science and technology benefiting Tasmania 

In Tasmania ANSTO is monitoring air quality from Cape Grim and collaborating with the University of Tasmania on health research. (PDF 170 KB)

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Victoria Factsheet thumbnail  Nuclear science and technology benefiting Victoria

In Victoria ANSTO's Australian Synchrotron is collaborating with universities and research institutes to find new ways to treat many diseases, capture carbon and develop clean hydrogen batteries. (PDF 164 KB)

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WA factsheet thumbnail  Nuclear science and technology benefiting Western Australia 

In Western Australia ANSTO is involved in many environmental studies including  groundwater research in the Perth basin and assisting the mining industry. (PDF 164 KB)

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Waste factsheet icon

Safely managing Australia's radioactive waste

Nuclear medicine produced by ANSTO has benefited generations of Australians. With benefits come responsibilities, and the by-product of nuclear medicine includes radioactive waste. Australia responsibly manages this waste in both the long and short term. (PDF 262 KB)

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