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In this section you will find copies of our Research Selections publications that provide a small sample of the vast array of great science being undertaken at ANSTO. 



Research Selections 2013: eBook
The study of materials and their properties has the potential to transform the world we live in through the development of new and improved plastics, ceramics and metals. This is one of the many areas of science presented in the 2013 Research Selections eBook.

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Research Selections 2012 icon

Research Selections 2012
Over the past year our researchers looked at a range of areas including helping to create new types of antibiotics to combat the increasing issue of antibiotic resistance and researching proteins to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis. (PDF 7.51 MB)

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Research Selections 2011 icon

Research Selections 2011
Research Selections 2011 features a small sample of ANSTO's contributions to health and environmental research such as new imaging techniques to detect malignant melanoma and how nuclear techniques can piece together the history of human movements in ancient China. (PDF 10.1 MB)

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Research Selections 2009 icon

Research Selections 2009 
The 2009 edition of Research Selections includes articles on how scientists are exploring cave-formation growth and learning how to map the early inflammation process that leads to epilepsy. (PDF 9.05 MB)

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