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Full scale of plastic in the world's oceans revealed for first time

Over five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans says most comprehensive study to date on plastic pollution around the world. Learn more.

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ANSTO plastic trawling from Hobart to Sydney

ANSTO has been involved in a plastic trawling expedition from Hobart to Sydney researching the impact of plastics on pelagic birds and the marine ecosystem. Learn more. 

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Citizen science expedition

ANSTO scientists joined teachers, community members, councillors and MP’s on a citizen science expedition on the Port Hacking, trawling for plastics under the surface of the river. Learn more. 

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Pursuing plastic pollution at the atomic level

Plastic pollution is finding its way into the tissues of marine wildlife. Although many environmental risks of plastic have long been known, analysis by ANSTO has detected chemicals from plastic pollution in the feathers of seabirds. Learn more. 

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Seabird study gauges impact of plastic

What does the flesh-footed sheerwater bird have in common with nuclear science? Both have a part to play in a study examining the effect of plastics on our oceans, our marine life and ultimately our entire environment. Learn more.

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Concerns over microplastics in the food chain

Tiny pieces of plastic found in cosmetics, cleaning products and toothpastes may be a ticking time bomb. The so-called micro plastics are increasingly making their way into water supplies, sparking concerns they may travel up the food chain to humans. Learn more.

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Prof Richard Banati and a team of scientists are trawling the harbour for plastic debris to understand how plastics break down in the marine environment and the impact they have on maritime species and the food chain. Learn more. 

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Toxic effects of ocean plastic far greater than previously thought

Recent research indicates plastic is having a far more toxic effect on seabirds than first understood. Learn more.

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Microplastic contamination discovered at the bottom of Sydney Harbour

The bottom of Sydney Harbour has been contaminated by widespread microplastic pollution which could be entering the food chain, scientists say. Learn more. 

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The science is in: the solution to pollution is not dilution

Nuclear science techniques have been used to show the extent of plastic pollution in the marine food chain based on analysis of seabird feather samples. Learn more. 

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New research reveals how pervasive plastics invade the food chain

New research has shown plastics are entering into living beings on the molecular level, which he has implications for how we use and dispose of these ubiquitous materials. Learn more.


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Dead bird's 'not just a freak event'

At Lord Howe Island this month, 200 shearwater birds washed up for the first time in many years, Monash University seabird biologist Jennifer Lavers said. Learn more.


Your planet needs you: 10 ways to help

Living sustainably helps our health, our environment, and connects us with our community and ourselves. Here are 10 tips to help bolster the planet's health and foster wellbeing. Learn more.

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Rising plastic menace choking sealife

The amount of plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean has reached alarming levels, drastically impacting seabird populations, according to a new study. Learn more.

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A birds feather can tell us whether their health should be better

Australian scientists using brand new techniques to study the shearwater seabird have made stunning discoveries about the ongoing impact that plastics in the water can have on marine life. Learn more.





Audio about plastic research
Audio icon2SSR Interview: Trawling for plastics in our oceans
Audio iconABC Interview: Microplastics in our oceans
Audio icon ABC Interview: Seabird study gauges impact of plastic
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Professor Richard Banati appears on ABC's AM Program

Audio iconAustralia's Remote Islands, Episode 1- Lord Howe Island

Videos about plastic research

Prof Richard Banati speaks at TEDX Sydney

Watch the TEDxSydney event featuring Professor Richard Banati on the perils of plastic.


Ocean Confetti by Minute Earth


Study of bird feathers: IAEA

Prof Richard Banati spoke of the impact of plastics on marine life and the contribution of nuclear and citizen science to understanding this phenomenon.




ABC Catalyst: Plastic oceans

In our throw away world a plastic bag outlives it's usefulness after around fifteen minutes. A plastic bottle might last a little longer, party balloons a whole occasion. But the ocean likes to hang onto these discarded treasures for decades, even centuries giving many other consumers a taste for plastic.

plastci oceans video