Translocator Protein (18 kDa) scientific breakthrough

Research published in Nature Communications heralds a scientific breakthrough that could be the key to the development of better diagnostics and new treatments for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, cancer and obesity. 

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About the invention

The TSPO (18 kDa) is a model developed at ANSTO in collaboration with The University of Sydney. Learn more

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The Translocator Protein

TSPO is a protein that is associated with crucial cellular functions including the activity of the mitochondria. Learn more.


Nuclear technologies using TSPO

ANSTO is a world leader in medical isotope research and application with a strong history of research and development of synthetic ligands. Learn more

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TSPO applications

The TSPO knockout has a wide variety of potential applications across various disease states. Learn more.

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Partnership opportunities

ANSTO is now accepting expressions of interest for partnership opportunities to accelerate the potential for discovery. Learn more.

Nature Communications

The published paper

You can read the published version of the journal article as it appears in Nature Communications. Learn more.

Meet the research team

Richard Banati
Professor Richard Banati
Guo Jun Liu
Dr Guo Jun Liu
Ryan Middleton 2
Dr Ryan Middleton
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The University of Sydney
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