Partnership Opportunities  

ANSTO recognises that effective partnering can accelerate realising the potential of discoveries, turning them into innovative products more quickly and at reduced cost than would occur via purely in-house development.

ANSTO is therefore, actively seeking collaborative partners to use the TSPO knockout mouse model (C57BL/6-Tspotm1GuWu) to determine the action of new compounds, including the repurposing of existing compounds and development of novel therapeutic approaches.

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Business partnerships


Due to the rapid development of the TSPO field and its anticipated impact on drug development, ANSTO is actively seeking to engage with partners in the biotechnology sector and pharmaceutical industry.

ANSTO welcomes licensing arrangements and other business collaborations with industry to ensure the TSPO knockout mouse model is utilised and actively contributes towards the development of TSPO compounds with validated specificity and selectivity.

As the TSPO has significant implications in a variety of disease states, ANSTO is looking for commercial relationships with companies and/or individuals whose strategic priority is in the areas of anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic therapeutics, and areas of development such as anxiety, diabetes, obesity and cancer.


Research partnerships


ANSTO is now accepting expressions of interest from researchers and industry in relation to research and technology developments where the TSPO knockout mouse model can provide valuable insights.

ANSTO LifeSciences has a keen interest in exploring diagnostic and therapeutic indications relevant to the TSPO and in forming collaborative partnerships to initiate programs of compound development or repurposing of existing compounds.


TSPO KO MouseLigand screeningDrug developmentPreclinicalClinical trials
Strong IP portfolio to develop collaborationsTSPO KO and wild-type mice to evaluate TSPO ligands (ligand does or does not bind to TSPO)Validate the biological pathways involving the TSPO. Identify lead compounds which have therapeutic effectsLead candidates developed using the TSPO KO mouse are established or are being developed in a preclinical environmentTrials of drug candidates for potential registration


For more information please contact:

Prof. Richard Banati
NST, Strategic Research
P +61 2 9717 3505
Lara Storr
Business Development & New Product Management
P +61 2 9717 3855