Government response to 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Last week the Australian Federal Government released their response to the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. The 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap outlines Australia's research infrastructure requirements over the coming decade which is required to ensure that Australia's world class research system continues to improve productivity, create jobs, lift economic growth and support a healthy environment.

The Research Infrastructure Investment Plan sets out the Government’s response to the nine key recommendations outlined in the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. This investment plan will ensure researchers have the cutting-edge equipment, services and infrastructure to keep Australia on the forefront of research across health, environment, business, manufacturing and emerging technologies. The investment plan will delver an additional $7.3M for the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, the National Deuteration Facility and the Centre for Accelerator Science over the coming 5 years.


Published: 21/05/2018

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