Technology transfer at ANSTO


ANSTO welcomes expressions of interest from current and future partners and collaborators. ANSTO encourages and facilitates the application of knowledge and technology developed by the organisation for a wide range of industry applications.


This 'bench-to-business' technology transfer is done through proof of development and proof of concept, licensing and patenting, establishing joint ventures with companies, spin offs and the protecting and transferring of intellectual property. Read about some of our opportunities successes here.


Technology transfer opportunities

ANSTO has many successful examples of technology transfer opportunities and maintains ongoing development of technologies such as:



Remaining life assessment software is a simulator for coal and gas fired power stations and petrochemical plants that calculates the damage from unit cycling, then assesses the costs of the chosen cycling regime. Learn more.


Cryptate technology

A universal platform technology for the rapid and quantitative metal ion complexation at room temperature. This technology has application in industrial and environmental arenas and can be tailored to complex and/or release specific metal ions at a pre-determined pH level. It is a highly flexible technology that can be attached to a range of target agents (antibodies, peptides or oligonucleotides), nanoparticles or films. Learn more.


Platinum therapies  

ANSTO has developed a rapid and reliable method for the synthesis of platinum based 195mPt radiopharmaceuticals applicable to first, second and third generation chemotherapeutic agents. Used as a scanning agent, 195mPt improves cancer patient management by monitoring response to treatment, individualisation of patient dosage, monitoring of multi-drug resistance, and assisting in the development of next generation platinum based drugs. Learn more.



Tough, impermeable, synthetic rock for encapsulating, compressing and storing high level radioactive waste. A UK company has adopted synroc to decommission old nuclear power stations and make their plutonium waste safe. Learn more.

Learn more about technology transfer successes.