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ANSTO Synroc® - Waste Treatment Technology

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An Australian innovation, ANSTO Synroc® technology is a cost effective, low risk solution for the final disposal of complex intermediate and high level radioactive waste. 

Synroc technology

Complex problems require innovative solutions

ANSTO Synroc®can treat a broad range of radioactive wastes to meet international requirements for long-term disposal.

This innovative waste treatment technology minimises environmental impact, reduces disposal volume, lowers life cycle costs and provides optimal durability.

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How it works

ANSTO has tailored the design of the waste form chemistry and associated process technology in response to the unique characteristics of waste.

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Advanced manufacturing

ANSTO has over 30 years' experience in Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), a technology used to improve the properties of materials used in advanced manufacturing and a key component of ANSTO Synroc®. Industries such as defence, aerospace and medical, can now access our knowledge and deep expertise in materials and process development.

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  • Waste from radiopharmaceutical production


    Mo-99 waste facility at ANSTO

    ANSTO is currently constructing a facility to treat waste from the new Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) Manufacturing Facility. The facility will also treat legacy waste from past production.


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  • Legacy calcine waste

    Reprocessing historic spent nuclear fuel

    Idaho HLW Calcines

    The US Department of Energy chose ANSTO Synroc® as its preferred treatment technology because of the multi-billion dollar cost savings associated with implementing it.


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