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Supply schedule updates from our Health products customer service team
Nuclear Medicine

Delivery schedule

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Mo-99, Lu-177, I-131 supply update

27 January

ANSTO wishes to provide a supply update to the Australian nuclear medicine community regarding the HFR reactor outage in Petten, Netherlands.    

  • There is no impact on Australia’s supply of Tc-99m or I-131.  

  • There is no impact on ANSTO manufactured Lu-177, however, Lu-177 customers may experience supply shortages over the coming weeks where ANSTO sources back up supply from international partners that have been affected by the HFR reactor outage.    

There will be no impact on Lu-177 supply for clinical trial doses. ANSTO recommends that, where possible, non-trial patient doses be rescheduled. We are working through supply options and will communicate further information as it becomes available. ANSTO is now contacting affected customers to best manage Lu-177 supply within Australia.  

Background information:  

The HFR reactor did not resume operations as planned on 20 January. ANSTO has been working with the global nuclear medicine community to support international supply. This week, we have supplied surplus Mo-99 activity to our international partners where possible.    


20 January 2022

All MAA cold kit supply restrictions will be lifted from Monday, 24 January, with 450 Canadian-labelled cold kits (DRAXIMAGE MAA) available from the same date.

A further 800 kits will be available in February. 500 of these will be DRAXIMAGE MAA, and the remaining will be either DRAXIMAGE MAA or DRAXIMAGE MACROSALB®.

We will be in touch if anything changes. For further information, contact our Customer Service Team via or call 1800 251 572.

I-123 radiochemical

 Available for delivery and calibration on:

  • Tuesday 1 February
  • Tuesday 8 February
  • Tuesday 22 February
  • Tuesday 8 March
  • Tuesday 29 March

Please note: No supply available on Tuesday 25 January


I-123 MIBG

Delivery dates: 

  • Thursday 20 January
  • Thursday 3 February 
  • Thursday 17 February 
  • Thursday 3 March 
  • Thursday 17 March
  • Thursday 24 March 
  • Thursday 7 April 
  • Thursday 21 April

We will endeavour to keep all hospitals updated as soon we have any further information. We still face some domestic challenges surrounding flights and will continue to be in contact with you regarding the final delivery time to your hospital.   

The cut-off time remains 5pm on Wednesday the week prior to the shipment unless otherwise specified.

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