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Nuclear fuel

Fuel and spent fuel

With a well-established portfolio of nuclear research and the operation of Australia's only nuclear reactor, ANSTO scientists are working to conduct both fundamental and applied research on nuclear technologies relevant to current, advanced, and future nuclear fuel systems.

atomic modelling

The nuclear fuel research program

Areas of focus
  • developing advanced fabrication and characterisation of oxide and non-oxide fuels
  • computational multiscale modelling and experimental investigation to advance existing and accident-tolerant fuels/cladding for future reactor systems
  • contribute to a better understanding of inert matrix fuels and molten salt fuels


    Dr Meng Jun Qin is a materials scientist with expertise in computer modelling

    Accident-tolerant fuels

    The goal is to contribute to improvements to existing fuels and the development of advanced accident-tolerant fuels, provide solutions for mitigation of cladding failures, and investigate molten salt as a potential nuclear fuel.

    The group undertakes studies on the synthesis, characterisation, and effects of radiation damage on fuel and spent fuel.

    Yingjie Zhang

    The Spent Fuel research program

    ANSTO researchers are investigating the key properties of nuclear waste and its long-term interaction with containment materials to improve safety for short and long-term storage.

    Areas of focus
    • Understanding the structure and behaviour of actinide compounds and the long-term interaction with encapsulating materials
    • Understanding the behaviour of minor actinides and lanthanides in the treatment of solid and molten salt spent fuels
    • Contributing to solutions for liquid and solid nuclear waste management.