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Satellite in space

Space radiation testing for materials and devices

ANSTO offers capabilities and expertise for the radiation testing and accreditation of space-based systems.

Space radiation can affect critical electronic components in space-bound vehicles and satellites. As the failure of any component or system can jeopardise a mission, this risk grows with project complexity and cost.


Testing overview

ANSTO has unique infrastructure in Australia and can offer:

  • Level 2  : Total Ionizing Dose (TID) testing to international standards, such as ASTM F1892 using the Gamma Technology Research Irradiator (GATRI)
  • Level 3 :  Ion-beam irradiation of components with micron-precision focussing using protons and heavier ions.
  • Level 2.5 : Local Ionizing Dose (LID) testing using high intensity synchrotron x-rays to map radiation sensitivity within a single chip.
  • A track record of continuous research in radiation effects spanning more than a decade in collaboration with Australian universities, Defence and CSIRO.
  • ISO-accredited and secure research sites

National Space Qualification Network (NSQN)

With the National Space Qualification Network, you can boost space mission assurance and success through rigorous testing and qualification right here in Australia. ANSTO is a member organisation of the National Space Qualification Network

More about National Space Qualification Network


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