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Measurement of radioactivity

Nuclear stewardship science group

The Nuclear stewardship science group at ANSTO provides expert and reliable scientific and technical advice on nuclear stewardship activities to the Australian Government, industry, ANSTO and the community. 

Nuclear forensics lab

Nuclear stewardship

Nuclear Stewardship

Nuclear stewardship refers to a range of activities to support the safe use of radioactivity. At ANSTO, it comprises:

  • Radioactivity Measurement Standards
  • Radioanalytical chemistry
  • Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Centre
  • Nuclear security science
  • Environmental monitoring

Expert radioanalytical and environmental monitoring capabilities serve the needs of ANSTO’s research, business and nuclear operations.

The group maintains capabilities that support national and state response services in nuclear forensics and environmental monitoring and measurement capabilities.

In addition to maintaining the national standard for the measurement of radioactivity, the becquerel, they operate national programs to disseminate Australian standards for radioactivity to Australia’s nuclear medicine industry—leading to improvements in patient health outcomes.

ANSTO experts contribute technical leadership at international forums and committees in nuclear forensics, non-proliferation, nuclear measurement and radionuclide metrology. This includes selected international bilateral and multilateral partnerships with a focus on the Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific regions.

All activities meet Australian and internal safety, regulatory and quality requirements.