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Operator using CORIS360 radiation detection product near shipping container

It is critical across many industries to identify and locate sources of radiation accurately and quickly. We’re supporting safe workplaces by enabling the detection and imaging of radiation.

Making the invisible, visible 

CORIS360 advanced radiation imaging

One of the more challenging aspects of dealing with radiation is that you cannot see it directly, which can result in potential exposure when working in those environments. 

By accurately imaging radiation across the full energy range, CORIS360® improves operational decision making for anyone working in these industries. 

ANSTO’s new platform imaging technology CORIS360® makes the invisible, visible, by identifying and imaging the exact location of radiation sources.

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How CORIS360® helps you


CORIS360®delivers fast, wide area spectroscopic gamma-ray imaging across the full energy range.

With a large 360° horizontal and 90° vertical field of view, and the ability to image in both low and high dose radiation environments, this is the most advanced radiation imaging solution available.