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Radiation Consultancy and Safety

ANSTO provides trusted advice, training and consultancy services to Australia’s resource sector. Enabling your planning and operations, including support for cessation and the safe closure of a site.

End-to-end consultancy

Our team of experts provide a range of end-to-end consultancy services.

Leverage services that support the effective management of radiation safety across facilities, workforce, and equipment throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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Land characterisation

Our expert consultants support mining operations by conducting a thorough land characterisation and assessment to create a baseline survey of the area. 

Required prior to commencing operations, this information identifies any risks associated with levels of naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORMs). 

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Dealing with NORM

Posing a unique challenge for the resource sector, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) is commonly present in mining, oil and gas operations. Understanding, identifying and managing NORM is key to ensuring the safety of employees and the environment. 

ANSTO's radiation training team have developed a specialised NORM course for personnel that have operational or management responsibilities for radioactive substances and apparatus in industries affected by NORM.

Our consultancy team can also provide specific advice and support for ongoing management of NORM. 

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Source management

Radioactive sources require careful management to ensure the safety of the environment and community. 

Our expert team can manage the source and equipment: 

  • Conducting wipe tests to ensure the source integrity is maintained (compliance and documentation)
  • Transporting equipment or sources as per regulatory requirements
  • Unloading sources from the equipment in a safe and controlled manner
  • Preparing sources for final disposal
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ANSTO has the expertise and expericence to support the complex challenge of site decommissioning once operations have ceased. 

Our experts can conduct land characterisation assessments to aid the development of land remediation plans including risk assessments and recommendations on feasibility. 

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