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Visit our Sydney facilities

Lucas Heights

ANSTO’s Lucas Heights campus is 40km south-west of the Sydney CBD.

Getting to ANSTO by car is easy and there is plenty of free onsite parking for all visitors.  

Address: New Illawarra Road, Lucas Heights, NSW 2234


Public Transport

ANSTO provides a mini-bus service between ANSTO and the Sutherland bus interchange, on weekdays only (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

The bus accommodates 24 passengers – Please note due to COVID the bus driver will limit the number of passengers in line with current rules and regulations.

The ANSTO mini-bus leaves from Bus Interchange Bay B as seen below.




AM Shuttle

Sutherland Station

7:30 am

7:44 am

7:45 am

8:00 am

8:14 am

8:15 am

8:40 am

8:54 am

8:55 am

9:15 am

9:29 am

9:30 am

10:00 am

10:14 am

10:15 am

11:00 am

11:14 am

11:15 am


PM Shuttle

(Back to Sutherland)
Sutherland Station
(Back to ANSTO)

4:05 pm

4:06 pm

4:30 pm

5:05 pm

5:06 pm

5:30 pm

6:05 pm

6:06 pm

6:25 pm

6:50 pm

6:51 pm



Ticket cost

$30 for a 10 pass booklet available from the User office. Individual tickets at $3 each available from the ANSTO Discovery Centre.

No concessions available.

The bus driver is unable to sell tickets however new users will be accommodated on their first trip to ANSTO.

COVID restrictions – At peak times the driver may instruct passengers to wait for the next service due to over crowding on the bus – Please ensure you assist the driver and your fellow passengers by staying safe and following directions from the shuttle service staff at all times.



If you’re visiting ANSTO for business or research purposes you will need to check-in at reception. 


The Cafe is open weekdays from 7am.

Breakfast is served from 7am and lunch is available between 12pm to 2pm.

Cafe-style coffee, cakes and hamburgers are served all day.

ANSTO Cafe menu


Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is open weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Tours of ANSTO’s Lucas Heights facility are available for the community, school groups and private or special interest groups. 

The Discovery Centre is located by the front entrance of ANSTO, opposite the cafe.

Driving directions

Book a tour


The Lucas Heights Motel offers 3.5 star accommodation and includes 18 standard motel rooms and two self-contained family units that sleep four people.

Phone number: +61 2 8525 4400

Site safety and security procedures

To help maintain the safety and security of the ANSTO site, it is important that all of our visitors follow ANSTO's safety procedures and are familiar with the conditions of entry prior to arrival. If you are entering the secure areas of our Lucas Heights facility, you will be asked to present appropriate identification upon arrival.

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To help maintain the safety and security of the ANSTO site, it is important that all our visitors follow ANSTO's procedures and are familiar with the conditions of entry to the site. 

When visiting ANSTO, you will need to:   

  • Have the visit pre-arranged
  • Present to ANSTO Reception or the Discovery Centre 
  • Provide identification such as
    - an Australian or foreign passport
    - an Australian driver’s licence
    - a Proof of Age card
    - an Australian government issued photo ID card
    - two alternate forms of non-photographic identification such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, bank document or credit card
  • Be signed in and escorted by an ANSTO ID Pass holder
  • Display a visitor ID Pass


You will also need to be aware that:

  • Visitors must declare all electronic devices they are carrying that have embedded camera capability upon arrival. A decision will be made as to whether this device may be brought onsite
  • Visitors cannot take photographs or recordings on site without written approval
  • Laptops and memory sticks may be taken on site but must also be declared upon arrival
  • Lockers are available for visitor use
  • Additional visitor guidelines have been developed for journalists, media and visitors to sensitive areas. Onsite requirements will be communicated upon arrival


Phone number: +61 2 9717 3111 or enquire online


ANSTO's Camperdown campus is around 5km south of the Sydney CBD and is home to the National Research Cycloton.

Getting to ANSTO Camperdown is easy by public transport and there is limited parking available if you're driving. The closest train stations are Redfern, Newtown and Macdonaldtown, buses also stop along Parramatta Road. Download our transport guide.

Address: 81 Missenden Rd, Camperdown, NSW 2050


Phone number: +61 2 9717 7600 or email