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Talk to a scientist, perform an experiment or take a virtual tour online

We offer a support package for regional and remote schools to book our online learning classes free of charge. Please contact the ANSTO Discovery Centre for more information.

Depth studies

Participate in live radiation demonstrations, cover syllabus content and visit ANSTO virtually during our online depth study classes for Year 11 Chemistry, Year 12 Physics and Year 12 Investigating Science.

Cost: $90 per class. Duration: 80 minutes

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Year 11 Chemistry

  • Investigate properties of different radioisotopes and learn about their uses in medicine, industry and environmental research.
  • Consider the scientific method and gather data during a live radiation experiment.
  • See some of Australia's largest scientific infrastructure, including the OPAL multipurpose reactor.

Workbook  Senior Chemistry Australian Curriculum outcomes  Year 11 Chemistry NSW syllabus outcomes

Year 12 Physics

  • Participate in live demonstrations to review the properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation.
  • Learn about radioactive decay, half-life and methods of detecting radiation, including with a cloud chamber.
  • Define and understand applications of fission, fusion, binding energy and mass defect, and investigate the structure and function of the OPAL multipurpose reactor.
  • Investigate the role and operation of particle accelerators at ANSTO.

Workbook  Senior Physics Australian Curriculum outcomes  Year 12 Physics NSW syllabus outcomes

Year 12 Investigating Science

  • Participate in live demonstrations of the properties of radiation, shielding and technologies used to detect radiation.
  • Learn about the OPAL multipurpose reactor, the use of nuclear medicine and their impact on society.
  • Discuss the public perception of nuclear science and the regulation of scientific research.

Workbook  Year 12 Investigating Science NSW syllabus outcomes

Radioactivity and its applications (Year 9-10)

Students investigate the production of nuclear medicines in the OPAL multipurpose reactor, the use of nuclear medicines to diagnose and treat disease, and the science behind working safely with radiation.

This program is designed to address content and skill outcomes in the Year 9 and Year 10 Science Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabuses. 

Cost: $90 per class.   Duration: 60 minutes 

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In their element

Bring the periodic table to life in this interactive online lesson. Students see real samples of common elements, learn about their history, properties and uses, and find out how the periodic table was developed during the 19th century. Students review atomic structure, elements and the organisation of today's periodic table, before applying their knowledge and skills in a fun periodic table game. 

Cost: $90 per class.   Duration: 60 minutes

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Nuclear science inquiry skills

In this two-lesson plus homework program, your students plan and conduct an investigation first-hand. Give your students access to high-quality radioactive sources, instruments, and scientific expertise at ANSTO.

This program is designed to address content and skill outcomes in the Year 9, Year 10 and Senior Physics Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabuses. 

Cost: $90 per class.   Duration: 60 minutes   

Book now Syllabus outcomes

Required resources for this online class
Suggested lesson sequence
Lesson 1 (in-class)Lesson 2 (online class)Post-work/Homework

As a class, students:

  • Develop an aim and hypothesis for their investigation
  • Select appropriate equipment from the list provided
  • Write an experimental method
  • Conduct a risk assessment

As a class, students:

  • Perform the investigation remotely with the help of an ANSTO Education Officer
  • Record their results
  • Answer questions about the reliability, validity and accuracy of the experiment
  • Consider real-life applications of their results


  • Display their results appropriately
  • Write a discussion to assess reliability, validity and accuracy, and relate their results to real-life applications
  • Write a conclusion


Meet an expert

Choose from our list of research topics below and let your students lead a Q&A session with ANSTO experts.

Cost: Free   Duration: 30 minutes 

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