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NDF staff co-author book chapter on deuteration for biological small angle neutron scattering

Published by NDF staff, September 2023 

Staff from the National Deuteration Facility have co-authored a book chapter featured in “Methods in Enzymology; Small Angle Scattering Part A: Methods for Structural Investigation”.


Book chapter deuteration

The chapter entitled “Deuteration for biological SANS: Case studies, success and challenges in chemistry and biology” looks at the deuteration of proteins, lipids and sterols, as well as the numerous classes of molecules relevant to SANS synthesised via chemical means. It describes the importance of engagement with a deuteration facility and neutron scattering scientist to design useful and meaningful experiments.

NDF co-authors: Anthony Duff , Marina Cagnes, Tamim Darwish, Anwen Krause-Heuer, Michael Moir, Carl Recsei, Aga Rekas, Rob Russell, Karyn Wilde, Rao Yepuri.


Please direct any enquiries to Tamim Darwish, NDF Leader

photo of Tamim Darwish

Dr Tamim Darwish

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