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Discover the world of nuclear science on the platform of your choice.


The Free ANSTO XR app uses a mix of AR and VR to transport you to the scale of an atom and discover the world of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

See how synchrotron light generated from super accelerated electrons can give scientists x-ray vision.

Play with the ANSTO periodic table and see how atoms make up our world.

Download the FREE iOS app

Download the FREE Android app

Please make sure you check the supported device list. The augmented reality feature on the ANSTO XR app supports the below iOS devices and various Android devices. Android 7.0 and above is required, read the full list of supported Android devices on Google's website.

iOS Supported devices

  • iPadPro11Inch:
  • iPadPro1Gen
  • iPadPro10Inch1Gen
  • iPadPro10Inch2Gen
  • iPadPro2Gen
  • iPadPro3Gen
  • iPhone6S
  • iPhone6SPlus
  • iPhoneSE1Gen
  • iPhone8
  • iPhone8Plus
  • iPhone7
  • iPhone7Plus
  • iPhoneX
  • iPhoneXS
  • iPhoneXSMax
  • iPhoneXR

See how the ANSTO periodic table poster works with Augmented Reality below.

How radioactive are you?

How Radioactive Are You?

An exploration of how much radioactivity we absorb in our daily life.

Play Online


How Radioactive Are You - Screenshot 4


Half-life hero

Half-life Hero

A fun educational app that teachers about nuclear medicine and industrial isotopes, and their benefits to society.

Play Online

Download on iOS


Half-life Hero - Screenshot 1


ANSTO elementals

ANSTO Elementals

Elementals is a fun educational app for learning the Periodic Table. teachers and students will find this app useful in supporting science education in the classroom and practicing on the go.

Play Online

Download on iOS


ANSTO Elementals - Screenshot 1


ANSTO atom builder

ANSTO Atom Builder

Build stable and radioactive isotopes using neutrons, protons and electrons with the ANSTO Atom Builder. Discover the uses and properties of common isotopes, and locate elements in the periodic table.

Play Online


ANSTO Atom Builder - Screenshot 1


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