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STEAM Club Online

What is the ANSTO STEAM Club Online?

Founded in April 2020, our online STEAM Club encourages creative exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by incorporating the arts (the A in STEAM).

It provides fun and unique weekly challenges on different topics during the school holidays. Only common items found around the home are needed, plus your imagination!

Register for Round 3/ Sept.-Oct. holidays

Some feedback from participants and parents:

All the experiments are mind blowing. They really help us grow. I am learning concepts behind each. K.A., Year 3-4.

I like the fun I have doing the experiments. I think you do great challenges and I always look forward to the next one.  T. L., Year 5-6.

This is one of the most fun experiences I have had in my life!! The challenges are all so fun and I wish to do every single one again! H.D., Year 5-6.

I like how exciting and creative the STEAM Club is with all of it’s fun activities that I really enjoyed. A.P., Year 3-4

We do these experiments as a family and our younger kindergarten child loves them as well and is learning to make predictions and observations. The school holiday format is also great and activities are well spaced across the year. Thank you for providing another round of interesting and entertaining learning experiences again this year.  The challenges have kept our family occupied through lockdown both last year and in particular this year. Being part of STEAM Club has provided an outlet for the family to explore areas of learning in a fun way and resulted in a sense of achievement for our kids in tough times. J.C., Parent, NSW.

This club targets all the branches of science, which is awesome. All the tasks are done with minimum cost on materials that helps too. Each task is absolutely amazing, with no doubt. Thank you. Anon., Parent.

Experiments from home

Who can join?

Any school-aged student in Australia and New Zealand can join, however, the program is most suitable for ages 8 to 13 years. Younger students will require adult assistance in completing challenges. Permission to join the club must be obtained from a parent or carer.

How does the ANSTO STEAM Club Online work? 

Our club operates through Google Classroom during the April (round 1), July (round 2) and September/October (round 3) school holidays in Australia.

Registered children will be invited into the classroom when it opens, where they can access the STEAM challenges.

Three weekly challenges on different topics will be issued each school holiday round. Please check our 2022 schedule.

STEAM Club Schedule


Recognition of Achievement

After successfully completing all three challenges during a holiday round, participants will be awarded the status of STEAM Graduate 2022 and receive a personalised digital certificate.  They may then progress to become a STEAM Master or STEAM Professor, after completing two or three rounds!

STEAM Club Rounds


What are the club guidelines?

There are some guidelines for accessing and participating in the classroom and for completing challenges. The guidelines also provide a safe learning environment to help ensure that everybody has a great experience in the club!

Please read the club guidelines carefully before joining.

Club Guidelines & Information


What is the membership fee in 2022?

The club fee is:

            $10 per child for one school holiday period or “round”, which runs over 3 weeks (see schedule).

OR       $20 per child for all three school holiday periods (rounds 1, 2 & 3), paid at the start of round 1.

What does the fee provide?

The fee provides new and exciting weekly STEAM challenges each school holiday period. Participants can ask questions of our experienced educators and receive feedback on their experiments. Participants receive their own personalised digital certificate after each holiday round. To further encourage young minds, we share some of their experiment photos on the ANSTO Facebook page.

NEW IN 2022 – Participants will have the opportunity to meet an ANSTO scientist online each school holidays!

Register for Round 3/ Sept.-Oct. holidays

If you have any questions about the ANSTO STEAM Club Online, please contact:

We wish you Full STEAM Ahead and look forward to you joining us in 2022!

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About our educators 

Stephanie discovery centre
Dr Stephanie McCready, STEAM Club Creator and Educator

Stephanie has a background in chemistry and environmental science, spending 15 years in research, commercial laboratories and consulting. She has worked for the Education Team at ANSTO for the past eight years and is responsible for managing and driving new programs to engage primary students and the community. In her spare time, Stephanie creates and exhibits artworks using technical printmaking processes. She enjoys combining her knowledge of visual art with STEM to enhance learning.


Kim Discovery centre
Ms Kim Whitbread, STEAM Club Coordinator and Educator

Kim has over 20 years’ experience as a high school teacher across a broad range of STEAM subjects. She has worked at ANSTO as a Science Educator for the past 12 years, helping to coordinate and deliver numerous initiatives for primary school students within the Education Team. Kim is a passionate artist and environmentalist and loves to create artworks that promote environmental awareness using a variety of techniques, proudly exhibiting her work on a regular basis.


Julie Mulholland, ANSTO Discovery Centre
Ms Julie Mulholland, STEAM Club Contributor and Educator
Julie has over 30 years’ experience as a high school science teacher, including 14 years as a Head Teacher Science. She has worked at ANSTO as a Science Educator in the Education Team for the past 5 years, where she has been instrumental in developing ANSTO data set resources for high school students, and in contributing to the development of ANSTO online learning sessions. Julie is passionate about engaging students in science and mathematics learning, and enjoys creating fun activities for the STEAM club.