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Think Science! Science Inquiry Skills

Think Science! encourages students, in small teams of 2 - 4 individuals, to conduct a first-hand science investigation on a topic of their choosing. Students will document how they followed all steps of the Science Inquiry strand of the Australian Curriculum outlined below, and submit a short video, 3 - 4 minutes long for primary students and 4 - 5 minutes long for secondary students, to ANSTO which summarises their investigation.

Questioning and Predicting

Questioning and Predicting

Good science always starts with a question.

  • What question do you want your investigation to answer?

Then think about your question and think about what might happen in your investigation.

  • What do you think will happen and why?
Planning and Conducting

Planning and Conducting

You have your question - now it's time to plan and conduct your investigation. Investigations take time.

  • How will you test your prediction and achieve a fair test?
  • What materials and equipment will you need?
  • How will you do your investigation safely?
  • What observations and measurements will you make and record?


Processing and Analysing

Processing, Modelling and Analysing

You have completed your investigation and recorded your results.

  • How will you organise and process your data?
  • What will you use to help identify any relationships and patterns?


Scientists think about their investigations and their results.

  • How do your findings compare with those of others?
  • Was your investigation fair?
  • What were possible sources of error?
  • What questions for further investigation can you identify?
  • What are your conclusions from your investigation?


Communicating results


Communicate how you worked scientifically. Show us your investigation.

  • How will you create your video entry?
  • What techniques and software will you use?
  • How will you demonstrate each Science Inquiry skill in you video?
  • How will you communicate your procedure and findings clearly?

For further information view the Australian Curriculum: Science 

Australian Curriculum: Science v9, 2022

Do you have a question?

Don't hesitate to contact the ANSTO Think Science! Team if you have any questions about the Think Science! event.

The ANSTO Think Science! Team 

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