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Gas and vapour delivery

Gas and vapour delivery

Hiden Isochema IMI-HTP gas sorption/desorption system

The Hiden Isochema IMI system can be used to deliver gas pressure or flow to samples of up to four different gases, and perform programmed sorption/desorption experiments. 

Mass spectrometry 

The Hiden Analytical gas spectrometer can be used alone or in conjunction with the Hiden IMI system for trace analysis of the downstream gas composition. 

Hiden Isochema XCS vapour delivery system

The Hiden Isochema XCS system is available for in-situ static or dynamic vapour delivery. 

Gas delivery probes

Gas delviery probes for the cryostats are available with detachable tail for loading in controlled atmosphere glove boxes. 

Vapour chamber

Multipurpose chamber primarily used for SANS experiments with quartz windows.