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Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Although we achieved about 80 per cent of our deliverables in the inaugural Innovate Reconciliation Plan over two years, ANSTO decided to complete the actions and add some stretch goals to the 2nd Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

In 2023, ANSTO launched this plan that enables us to take meaningful action sustainably and strategically to advance reconciliation. The development of the plan and its deliverables are the responsibility of a core group of staff members, the Reconciliation Action Mob. 

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In 2023, ANSTO recognised the Mob with a Diversity Award for its efforts.

The group is led by two staff members who are Indigenous Australians.

The deliverables of the plan fall under the core pillars of relationshipsrespect and opportunities.

Explore the plan to see ANSTO's activities and commitments.

2nd Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan