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Laboratory Equipments

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

The ACNS laboratories are equiped with most of the common requirements for neutron scattering experiments. 

A range of common reagents are stocked in the laboratories. If you require specific chemicals please contact the Laboratory Manager ahead of your visit.

Please note that laboratory chemicals quality cannot be guaranteed as this is a multi-user facility. If you require high purity chemicals, it is advisable to bring your own. Remember that all chemicals you intend to bring should be included on your experiment proposal.

The laboratories have a range of basic equipment available for your use. User instructions are provided and the Laboratory Manager can assist you. Details of this equipment is included in the sample environment handbook. Training is required for some equipment. Laboratory spaces and equipment should be booked as part of your experiment proposal.

Consumables available in the laboratories include a range of sample containers, vials, pipettes, and sample tubes. If you have specific requirements please contact the Laboratory Manager in advance. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is supplied. PPE available includes gloves (nitrile, cotton, butyl, neoprene, heat resistant and cryogenic), hearing protection, lab coats, safety glasses. The location of these will be shown in your induction.



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