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Safety in the laboratory

Laboratory Safety

General requirements

Each person who intends to work in the laboratories must be an authorised user. To become an authorised user you must complete the online laboratory safety training module and a laboratory induction when you arrive. You will not be allowed to use the laboratories if you are not an authorised user.

All laboratory work must be discussed with the Laboratory Manager.  This includes changes to your laboratory work during your visit.

At all times, you must work in a manner that ensures the safety of yourself and others. Lab work is to be conducted in a tidy manner, you are responsible for cleaning and returning all glassware and sample cells or holders at the end of your experiment.

Risk assessments

Hazardous work may require a risk assessment. This risk assessment must be approved by the Lab Manager. Risk assessments must be prepared for your entire process, using information found in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) of the chemicals you intend to use.

Samples and chemicals

All samples must be labelled, including when they are decanted into other containers. 

You must read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for all chemicals you intend to work with and follow the safety precautions and use the personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended. If the PPE required is not available on the stocked PPE list, please contact the Lab Manager in advance.

Sample waste or chemical waste must be collected for disposal. Contact the Lab Manager for waste containers and disposal.

Activated samples

After a sample has been placed in a neutron beam instrument, it must be checked for activation. Training is provided during your induction on how to check and handle activated samples on the neutron beam instrument. Before samples leave the facility they must be cleared by Health Physics staff, training and demonstration of the clearance process will be provided as part of your induction training.


A range of basic laboratory equipment is available in the facility. User instructions are available, please contact the Laboratory Manager if you have any questions.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

For the laboratories, lab coat, safety glasses and enclosed shoes (foot fully enclosed) are mandatory. Lab coats and safety glasses are provided.
You must wear all other PPE as recommended by the SDS or determined by your risk assessment. If the PPE required is not available on the stocked PPE list, please contact the Lab Manager in advance.


There is a variety of safety signage around the laboratories and the facility for your information. You must follow any directions given by the signage.