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Dr Jo Lackenby

Dr Jo Lackenby

OPAL Regulatory and Licensing Officer - ANSTO

Dr Joanne Lackenby (Jo) has over a decade of experience working at the OPAL research reactor at ANSTO. Jo specialises in nuclear safety, licensing and regulation and environmental management.

Jo is actively involved in both Australian and international nuclear organisations. She is the current President of the Australian Nuclear Association Inc and an Executive of Women in Nuclear Global. Jo is the past President of Women in Nuclear Australia Inc.

Jo is also a 2019-2020 “Superstar of STEM”, an Australian program that aims to equip female STEM professionals with advanced communications skills. Jo uses her “Superstar” and nuclear organisation positions to communicate the benefits of peaceful nuclear technologies to the community, media and politicians and to encourage young people to consider a career in STEM.

Jo holds a BE in environmental engineering and a PhD in geotechnical engineering, both from the University of Wollongong.