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$12.5 million for new jobs from ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct

$12.5 million for new jobs from ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct

The NSW Government will invest $12.5 million to support the expansion of the Innovation Precinct at the Lucas Heights campus of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Hon. Kevin Anderson MP, was today at ANSTO to be briefed on how the NSW Government’s investment will assist scientists, students, start-ups and industries in NSW.

In February 2019, the NSW Government committed the money to support ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct and the expansion of the nandin deep technology incubator at ANSTO, the first nuclear science and technology incubator in the world.

ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct will bring together local and global scientists, students, start-ups and industries.

It will include a next-gen nuclear medicine cluster, to knowledge-share and advance the development of diagnostics and therapies to progress the treatment of cancer and other diseases. And it will also include a graduates centre, including 25 new scholarships for graduate students, who will work to grow advanced technology businesses in NSW.

The Hon. Kevin John ANDERSON, MP_ Dr Adi Paterson

ANSTO CEO, Dr Adi Paterson, said support for ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct would not only translate into local jobs, but also medical and technological advances that could have an impact on all Australians.

“ANSTO is a world-leading nuclear research facility – the ground-breaking technology being developed here is amongst the best across the globe,” said Dr. Paterson.

“The thing with ground-breaking techniques and technologies is that you have to keep breaking the ground, and for that you need investment, so we are very pleased to welcome Minister Anderson here today.

“The support from the NSW Government will advance the development of nuclear medical technology and also boost the local economy, with the potential for 5,000 additional jobs to be created in the broader precinct over coming years.

“It will be a place where research and industry meet, to ensure that what happens in a lab or at a science facility is developed into real outcomes that benefit all Australians.”

“With a vision for this scale, you have to start somewhere, and that is nandin. This funding will evolve nandin into a full-service innovation hub to enable research by design, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Minister Anderson toured ANSTO’s key research facilities to meet scientists and founding businesses who are involved in this ambitious plan, and discuss the impacts of nuclear medicine, advanced manufacturing techniques and research.

“Our commitment to ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct and the nandin deep technology incubator is a reflection of the importance of technological advancements to improve human health and grow industry and jobs,”

Minister Anderson said.

“The investment into a world-class precinct for business, students, scientists, and startups will ultimately end up delivering improved treatments for cancers and other diseases.

“And this initiative which is evolving here today will prove to be the training ground for the next generation of scientists and engineers. We are talking about the smart jobs of the future right here in NSW.”

Minster Anderson toured the world-class Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering and the OPAL multipurpose reactor, which supports Australia’s nuclear medicine supply and critical health, industrial and environmental research. He also met with the founding members of the nandin Deep Technology Incubator who are startups and SMEs working across a range of industries including advanced manufacturing and smart technologies, defence, health and cyber security.

ANSTO continues to be a strong community partner, with over 1,200 people working at its Lucas Heights campus.

ANSTO Media Contact: Phil McCall 0438 619 987