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2020 Shorebirds Competition Summary and Results

2020 Shorebirds Competition Summary and Results

Primary students across Australia were invited to create a public awareness poster for a threatened shorebird found in Australia for our 2020 Shorebirds Competition. In response to COVID-19, and the changes to children’s learning environments, we included categories for individual children to enter as well as school children.

Children first learnt about the different threats to shorebirds and their wetland and coastal habitats, before thinking about the best way to create a poster that would inform and persuade others to take action. This cross-curricula learning opportunity was taken up by over 100 classes, with teachers submitting the top 1-5 entries from each class. All up, we received 400 entries from schools. It was impressive to also receive 73 entries from individual children across the country who independently researched and prepared their poster. Entries came in from 85 postcodes across Australia (see the competition page above for online map).

All of the posters received can be viewed in our online gallery. 

Judging of posters was conducted by ANSTO staff and shorebird expert representatives from our competition endorsees. Deliberation was extensive as the thoughtfulness, creativity and powerful messages conveyed were of a high standard. The primary rule was that the poster had to be created by hand with pencils, pen or paint on A4 paper. It had to include a recognisable depiction of a threatened shorebird and the name of the shorebird had to be included on the front of the poster. The poster had to provide a message, which could be conveyed by the picture or by words, but there was a limit of 30 words. The poster had to be eye-catching to draw people in to take a closer look.

The tremendous response to the competition this year on a national scale has been wonderful. We thank all our participating children and schools, and give special thanks to the many dedicated teachers and enthusiastic parents who created a conversation around this topic and inspired the children to learn and achieve.

Thank you to our participating schools (in alphabetical order): Aireys Inlet Primary School, Applecross Primary School, Artarmon Public School, Ashburton Drive Primary School, Avalon Public School, Baldivis Primary School, Bold Park Community School, Brighton Primary School, Cable Beach Public School, Caddies Creek Public School, Camboon Primary School, Chullora Public School, Danebank Anglican School for Girls, Donburn Primary School, Dundurrabin Public School, Eagleby State School, Eastern Fleurieu School - Milang Campus, Fingal Head Public School, Hurstville Adventist School, Kegworth Public School, Kilmore Primary School, Kincumber Public School, King Island District School, Kurnell Public School, Macarthur Anglican School, Margate Primary School, Maroochydore Primary School, Mt Martha Primary School, Neutral Bay Public School, Parkfield Public School, PLC Sydney, St Aloysius Primary School, St Andrew's Cathedral School, St Mary's Primary School, Xavier Catholic College.

We also gratefully acknowledge The Overwintering Project, a project for adult artists as the source of inspiration for this competition and for their continued support. This important project raises awareness of our migratory shorebirds and their habits across Australia.

If you would like to provide feedback or register your interest for next year’s Shorebirds Competition or other competitions, please contact the ANSTO Education Team:


Place Winners

Years 5 to 6 - Individuals

1st Place: Leroy C., Glen Waverley VIC

Leroy Glen Waverley VIC

2nd Place: Taylor P., Revesby NSW

2nd_Indiv_Taylor P., Revesby NSW

3rd Place: Tibby H., Margate TAS

3rd_Indiv_Tibby H., Margate TAS
Years 5 to 6 - Schools

1st Place: Roman Moser, Kilmore Primary School VIC

1st_Schools_Roman M., Kilmore PS VIC

2nd Place: Iris H., PLC Sydney NSW

2nd_Schools_Iris H., PLC Sydney NSW

3rd Place: Hannah B., Miki M. and Tibby H., Margate Primary School TAS

3rd_Schools_Hannah B., Miki M., Tibby H., Margate PS TAS
Years 3 to 4 - Individuals

1st Place: Hanna P., Boronia VIC

1st_Indiv_Hanna P., Boronia VIC

2nd Place: Thor van Hattum, Dalkeith WA

2nd_Indiv_Thor V., Dalkeith WA

3rd Place: Connor T., Greenbank QLD

3rd_Indiv_Connor T., Greenbank QLD
Years 3 to 4 - Schools

1st Place: Hudson H., Avalon Public School NSW

1st_Schools_3-4_Hudson H., Avalon PS NSW

2nd Place: Jenna P., Applecross Primary School WA

2nd_Schools_3-4_Jenna P., Applecross PS WA

3rd Place: Phoebe L., PLC Sydney NSW

3rd_Schools_3-4_Phoebe L., PLC Sydney NSW

Highly Commended Entries

Years 5 to 6 - Individuals

Amaal I., Yarralumla ACT

Charlotte L., Longwarry VIC

Christiana V., Point Cook VIC

Faria N., Kensington Park SA

Hayden G., Montrose VIC

Years 5 to 6 - Schools

Crystal T., PLC Sydney NSW

Emilie T., Neutral Bay Public School NSW

Ipek T., Neutral Bay Public School NSW

Rhianna K., Artarmon Public School NSW

Yasmin N., Chullora Public School NSW

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Years 3 to 4 - Individuals

Callum B., Seaholme VIC

Catherine Tan, Werribee VIC

Cooper H., Pegarah TAS

Miranda J., Aspendale VIC

Pinipa Liyanage, Kaleen ACT

Years 3 to 4 - Schools

Andy L., Hurstville Adventist School NSW

Ayva M., Kincumber Public School NSW

Henry H., Avalon Public School NSW

Isabel Y., Brighton Primary School TAS

Sam H., Neutral Bay Public School NSW

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Commended Entries

These students will be issued with a certificate.

Years 5 to 6 - Individuals

Benny L., Panania NSW

Cenzo A., Heatherton VIC

Hazel T., Middlesex WA

Jem C., South Hobart TAS

Katie W., Castle Hill NSW

Liam B., Bonnet Bay NSW

Lila H., Jannali NSW

Years 5 to 6 - Schools

Abbass A., Ashburton Drive Primary School WA

Alaina R., PLC Sydney NSW

Annie C., Artarmon Public School NSW

Arisa H., Maroochydore Primary School QLD

Bethany D., Ashburton Drive Primary School WA

Catherine T., Artarmon Public School NSW

Eleni M., Danebank Anglican School for Girls NSW

Emma E. and Jayde M., Margate Primary School TAS

Evelyn T. and Zoe W., Margate Primary School TAS

Isabella F., PLC Sydney NSW

Janahli T., Aireys Inlet Primary School VIC

Jouri O., Chullora Public School NSW

Kitty L., PLC Sydney NSW

Merrian L., Artarmon Public School NSW

Michaela A., Macarthur Anglican School NSW

Mischa G., Aireys Inlet Primary School VIC

Nicole Z., Artarmon Public School NSW

Paige M., Aireys Inlet Primary School VIC

Riya S., Ashburton Drive Primary School WA

Rosie O., St Aloysius Primary School NSW

Saoirse N., Neutral Bay Public School NSW

Shiny M., Donburn Primary School VIC

Sophia H., Danebank Anglican School for Girls NSW

Sylvia S., Artarmon Public School NSW

Willow M., Cable Beach Public School WA

Years 3 to 4 - Individuals

Marvin F., Castle Hill NSW

Annabel C., Frankston South VIC

Vanthanah V., West Moonah TAS

Malakhi G., Walkley Heights SA

Sabine P., Kinglake VIC

Lara M., Taren Point NSW

Ayva G., Rural View QLD

Years 3 to 4 - Schools

Abby W., Avalon Public School NSW

Adam H., Mt Martha Primary School VIC

Amelia P., King Island District High School TAS

Angeline C., PLC Sydney NSW

Anika B., Maroochydore Primary School QLD

Aya Maltby, Kegworth Public School NSW

Beatrix L., Mt Martha Primary School VIC

Ben H. and Luke M., Parkfield Public School WA

Charli O., Mt Martha Primary School VIC

Devin H., Ashburton Drive Primary School WA

Erin B., Eastern Fleurieu School - Milang Campus SA

Esma Z., Ashburton Drive Primary School WA

Gia T., Avalon Public School NSW

Hannah C., PLC Sydney NSW

Imogen P., PLC Sydney NSW

Isabelle Q., PLC Sydney NSW

James B., Applecross Primary School WA

Kulsum R., Caddies Creek Public School NSW

Levi F., Hurstville Adventist School NSW

Maxi N., Neutral Bay Public School NSW

Melody S., Hurstville Adventist School NSW

Oliver G., Aireys Inlet Primary School VIC

Scarlett N., Kegworth Public School NSW

Suri N., Caddies Creek Public School NSW

Taylah D., Caddies Creek Public School NSW