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Reappointment of ANSTO CEO

ANSTO Chair Announcement - Reappointment of ANSTO CEO

The Chair of ANSTO, The Hon Annabelle Bennett, AC SC, announced today that Mr Shaun Jenkinson has been reappointed as the Chief Executive Officer of ANSTO.

ANSTO is the home of Australia’s key landmark and national infrastructure for research, including the OPAL nuclear reactor in Sydney’s Lucas Heights and the Australian Synchrotron in Clayton, Melbourne. Thousands of scientists from industry and academia, as well as ANSTO’s own scientists, benefit from access to ANSTO’s state-of-the-art instruments every year.

Dr Bennett said, “Shaun has well established skills and the relevant experience, with a commitment to ANSTO’s values, to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our key mandates, which remain so important for Australia’s future prosperity and productivity.

“This is an exciting time for nuclear science and for ANSTO. We are aligning with Australia’s National Science and Research Priorities, seizing opportunities to partner with Defence to develop the nuclear workforce in our country, and developing programs and technologies to contribute to the priorities of the National Reconstruction Fund.

“Furthermore, ANSTO’s new Nuclear Medicine Facility will futureproof Australia’s sovereign capabilities for domestic manufacturing and ensure that we provide a pipeline of nuclear medicine solutions to improve the health of Australians. The Board believes that Shaun is the right person to deliver on these priorities.

“The Board looks forward to continuing to work with Shaun, and our committed management team and staff, to deliver world-class nuclear science and technology for the benefit of all Australians.”

Shaun Jenkinson responds to his reappointment, "It is an absolute privilege to lead an organisation that makes such an important contribution to Australia’s future prosperity and productivity.

"As an organisation we look out on a world where our sovereign nuclear capabilities are even more in demand. With our partners we are helping to develop our nations nuclear workforce and our new nuclear medicine manufacturing facility will futureproof sovereign domestic manufacturing, providing thousands of patients with diagnostic and life-saving treatments for cancer and other diseases."

"Through our own research, amazing people and wonderful infrastructure , we are working on the big challenges of the environment, net zero and critical minerals, providing advanced materials for battery storage, electric vehicles, high speed rail and cleaner, greener power grids.

"Unwavering commitment to continuous improvement has and will continue to underpin our success. It is important that we constantly challenge our performance, priorities and plans so we can adjust as required. I look forward to continuing to work with you all on this.

"Integrity is deeply important to our work – it underpins the trust of Australians who rely on us to deliver the benefits of nuclear science and technology. Driving a culture based on the ANSTO values, particularly trust, respect and excellence, and where people are held accountable to those values, to create an inclusive environment, is my upmost priority and focus as we move into the New Year.

"Your feedback is important and always welcome. Together I am confident that in the years ahead ANSTO will keep doing what we’ve always done well – to provide knowledge, value and trust to the to the Australian Government and the people of Australia – delivering the social and economic benefits from the application of nuclear science and technology to every Australian."

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