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ANSTO to receive important funding package in 2020 Budget

ANSTO welcomes afunding package worth $238.1 million over four years from 2020-21(and approx. $35 million per year ongoing) which will ensure the long term safety, quality and reliability of ANSTO’s core operations, including nuclear medicine production, radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning activities.

In summary, these funds will enable ANSTO to secure Australia’s extensive nuclear knowledge base and capabilities, including the important role we play in supplying nuclear medicines for Australians.

Funding under this measure includes:

  1. $62.7 million to support ANSTO’s core business operations.
  2. $93.8 million to maintain ANSTO’s main production facility and respond to recent nuclear medicine production disruptions
  3. $81.6 million to support ANSTO to deliver its core radioactive waste management, spent fuel management and decommissioning activities.

This announcement builds upon funding received in the 2019-20 Budget process to strengthen ANSTO with funds to support financial sustainability and nuclear medicine production.


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