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Advanced materials

ANSTO's 'Sharpening the Focus' Summit Series Kicks Off with a Resounding Success

ANSTO commenced its 'Sharpening the Focus' summit series with a successful inaugural event last Friday, focussing on ‘Advanced Materials for Extreme Environments’.

The summit brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including industry leaders, policy makers, subject matter experts, university researchers, and representatives from government and related scientific agencies.

Shaun Jenkinson, CEO of ANSTO, opened the event by emphasising the organisation's commitment to delivering on Australia's priorities[DT1] . Dr. Cathy Foley, Australia's Chief Scientist, delivered an inspiring opening address, highlighting the significance of sharing best practice, collaboration, and maximising impact.

The aim of the 'Sharpening the Focus' workshops is to gather key input from relevant stakeholders, ensuring that ANSTO's research [DT2] and programs align with national priorities and yield high-value outcomes across four of it’s key areas: Health including nuclear medicine, Environment and Climate Challenges, Advances Materials and Manufacturing with applications for industry, defence and security, and leveraging ANSTO’s infrastructure.

In this first workshop, which took place in Canberra, attendees explored the critical role of ANSTO’s materials development and characterisation capabilities, which facilitate research and innovation of advanced materials and manufacturing for Australian nuclear science, technology, and industry.

The workshop attracted an impressive turnout, with enthusiastic participation and discussion held throughout the day.

A broad consensus identified the importance of developing partnerships, indicating the strong support from important stakeholders.

The insights gained from the summit will be instrumental in shaping ANSTO's research agenda in the field of nuclear technologies. The organisation plans to leverage the knowledge acquired and incorporate it into their next steps. Furthermore, the success of the event has set the stage for the upcoming summit in July, which will focus on the environment.

ANSTO's 'Sharpening the Focus' summit series marks a significant milestone in ANSTO's 70-year history of delivering excellence and impact through nuclear science and technology. By fostering collaboration and engagement with stakeholders, ANSTO continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in the advancement of science for the benefit of Australia.