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Full body PET scan

Collaboration on total body PET

Health researchers meet with total-body PET Explorer Consortium US.


PET Consortium group

A series of technical presentations at UC Davis covered latest technology developments, the challenges associated with tracking and correcting for subject motion during imaging and methods for reconstructing the massive EXPLORER datasets.

The program included a methodology to ensure the resulting images are quantitatively correct, and to model time-series of imaging data for the extraction of specific parameters related to the transport of radiotracers, metabolism and binding. 

Prof Gregoire, who is an expert in molecular imaging using nuclear techniques, delivered an invited talk on future strategies for kinetic modelling to extract biological parameters.

More than thirty participants joined the workshop held at UC Davis. It was webcast to a further 20 participants located in three different countries.

The next workshop is planned for April 2018 in Sydney


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