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International cooperation

The strong collaboration between the Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation (KONICOF) and ANSTO continues into its sixth year, with Mr Doyeob Kim and Mr Jungseok Kwon nearing the end of their five-month placements at ANSTO. 

Mr Juhyeong Lee also commenced in early March with Doyeob and Jungseok, but returned to Korea early.

KONICOF placement at ANSTO

(Left to right), Prof Mihael Ionescu, Leader, Nuclear Fuel Cycle research, Jungseok Kwon, Doyeob Kim and Dr Tao Wei

Both Doyeob and Jungseok worked with nuclear fuel cycle specialists at ANSTO. Doyeob was supervised by Dr Tao Wei, Senior Research Scientist, participating in a project on radiation damage of nuclear wasteforms.

The research involved using ion beam irradiation to investigate the structure and microstructure evolution of pyrochlore glass-ceramic, an emerging candidate for the immobilisation of actinide-rich radioactive wastes. 

In this placement, Doyeob gained skills in metallography, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, and built the foundations for his future study in this field.

Jungseok conducted an investigation of phase transformations in novel titanium alloys using an in-situ neutron diffraction technique, under the supervision of Dr Zhijyang Wang, Research Scientist and Dr Ondrej Muransky, Lead High Temperature and Molten Salt Research Group. 

Jungseok learned sample preparation, experimental data collection, data analysis and interpretation of obtained neutron and electron diffraction data. It is expected that the findings will be published in open literature as a peer-reviewed publication.

On their return to Korea, Doyeob and Jungseok will continue their studies. The valuable experience gained from their time at ANSTO will present them with further options in terms of seeking employment or postgraduate study.

The placements were undertaken under the auspices of the ANSTO – KONICOF MoU, signed in 2013, facilitated by ANSTO International Affairs. 

“We look forward to welcoming a new intake of KONICOF interns to ANSTO in early August,” said Mr Mark Alexander, Manager, International Affairs.


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