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ITER fusion power reactor

Lecture on fusion energy

Inaugural speaker returns to deliver lecture on progress of the world largest engineering project to create fusion energy

The scientist who gave the inaugural Distinguished Lecture at ANSTO in 2009 on fusion energy is returning in early December to deliver a second on the ITER fusion reactor development project.

Barry Green

Professor Barry Green, who is a leading expert in plasma physics, will discuss the world's biggest engineering project under construction in France, its status and the theory of burning plasma to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly fuel. 

“ It is very fitting that Barry is returning to ANSTO and will speak on a topic that very few people knew about in 2009 and has progressed so far today,” said ANSTO CEO Dr Adi Paterson.

There is worldwide interest in the project to build a tokamak magnetic fusion device, which involves liberating energy from the products of fusion reactions that exceeds the energy invested in heating it.

Australia has a long history of involvement in plasma research, which culminated in ANSTO signing a memorandum of understanding with the ITER organisation.

“It provides a real opportunity for Australian scientists to contribute to this international program, that involves the collaboration of 35 nations,” said Dr Green.

He will provide an inside look at design and construction challenges, major components, and the contributions of collaborating countries.


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