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Three members sit at the nandin Deep Technology Hub at ANSTO's Lucas Heights campus.

nandin - one year on

On 18 November 2018, the deep technology incubator was established as a place for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to innovate, build businesses and provide solutions for wicked challenges.

One year on, nandin has 11 members, six new products in development phase and two products being released in early 2020 not to mention, a spin off law firm from one of its residents!

“One of our members, BioAir is working on improving indoor air quality and reducing air conditioner energy use, while eVisuals are creating a product using artificial intelligence to help firefighters find people fast during an emergency”, says Dr Tim Boyle, Director of nandin.

“It’s an exciting time for innovation at ANSTO. Next year, we’ll be focused on linking our members with ANSTO’s industry experts and landmark infrastructure through entrepreneurship and mentoring programs.”

We’ll be profiling each of our members in the New Year and look forward to sharing their progress with you.

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